Financial Aid

Pine Ridge loves to help kids come to camp! Through the generosity of loving members of the Pine Ridge family, the Camp is able to assist a limited number of families in providing you with the necessary help to attend a summer camp program. 

To ensure that as many children as possible benefit from this program, we request that you cooperate by following each step in this simple application procedure. All applications must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the camp session that the camper will be attending.

1. Consider what portion of the entire camper fee you are able to pay personally and indicate that on the form. Due to the large number of families in need of financial aid, we generally do not provide full camperships, nor do we provide camperships to the same child twice in the same summer. The maximum amount that Pine Ridge typically provides for any individual is one half of the camper fee. The other half must be met by the parent, your church, community organizations, or other sources. We will be happy to work out an installment payment plan prior to the chosen week of camp, if that will make payment easier. 

2. We encourage dedicated participation in the food sales that the Camp offers. Preference for camperships will be given to those who have participated in these sales. 

3. If you attend a church, we request that you inquire if they are able to contribute a portion of the fee. Many churches set aside funds to assist families with campers fees to Christian camps. A representative from the church should fill in the amount of assistance and sign in the space provided.

4. Explain what your current financial situation is by completing the questions in the space provided. 

5. Return the application to Pine Ridge Bible Camp along with the summer camp registration form and registration fee for the camper(s) in need. We will hold a space for each camper, and notify you of campership approval within a reasonable time from your application. 

6. Along with campership notification, a Pine Ridge team member will contact you for information on a monthly payment plan. The payment plan must be completed by the beginning of the week of camp. 

We ask that you prayerfully complete this application. It is our desire that no child miss out on a camping opportunity with Pine Ridge due to financial hardship. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call the Pine Ridge office at 616-696-8675.