Summer Camp Discounts

Pine Ridge offers several discounts to help families.

Sibling Discounts *

  • 2nd Child in Family Unit = $50 off
  • 3rd Child or more in Family Unit = $100 off each

* Sibling discounts are only applicable to our 5 night camp sessions.

Returning Camper

  • Follows the same pattern as a Sibling Discount
  • Example: Two siblings attend a 5-night camp and one returns for a second 5-night session. The returning camper receives a 3rd Child Discount.

Full-Time Pastor or Missionary Discount

  • $100 off per child for 5 night camp sessions
  • $25 off per child for day camp and mini-camp sessions

* This discount can not be stacked with sibling discounts.

Fetchin' Friends 

Camp is a great adventure to share with a friend! Bring a friend from a family who has never been to Pine Ridge previously and you will be eligible to receive a $30 credit off your camp fee. You can invite multiple friends and receive the $30 off for each friend as long as the friend's family has never attended Pine Ridge. Here’s how it works: 

  • Invite a friend whose family has never been to Pine Ridge Bible Camp before. 
  • Complete a Summer Camp Registration.
  • Request a Fetchin' Friends discount by submitting the name(s) of your friend(s).
  • Receive a $30 credit to the camp fee. (Your rewards will be credited to your account only after the new friend has registered and paid the camp deposit.)