Pine Ridge loves volunteers and is very grateful for all of the many dedicated men, women, and youth who have lent a hand of help over the years. God has entrusted to our care 100 acres, thirty plus buildings, and multiple activity areas. This is a lot to care for and is challenging to keep up utilizing our limited staff resources. Many Pine Ridge volunteers have also graciously assisted with campers and the related programs.

Many of our volunteers are local and come to Pine Ridge for a day or a few hours.  However, Pine Ridge has ten fully serviced RV sites that are available for a volunteer interested in staying at Pine Ridge.

If volunteering interests you, please contact our Camp Director, Kevin Grifhorst.  A volunteer application (for adults only) will also need to be completed. If you are interested in our high school volunteer summer programs, please comlete our employee application found at this link.

Listed below are some areas where volunteers have assisted.

Grounds & Facilities

Mowing, raking, painting, cleaning, small engine mechanics, auto mechanics, electrical, plumbing, construction, tree and brush clearing, and roofing.


Bible teaching, assistance during mentally challenged camp sessions, worship leading, baby sitting, activity leader.


Website development, mailings, data entry, computer networking, camp videos & pictures.